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How To Order a Electro-pneumatic Proportional Radio System


Step1. Locate a convenient location to mount the Valve-Mate valve control enclosure, the control tubing to the valve is 8 feet in length.


Step 2. How many feet away will the receiver be mounted from the Valve-Mate valve control enclosure?Take into consideration wiring 12VDC to the receiver and antenna location. (The maximum distance from the receiver to the Valve-Mate control enclosure is 25 feet.)


Step 3. Supply us with your valve make and model; Husco 5000, Gresen V20, etc. The Valve-Mate operators are designed to fit specific makes and models of valves. We have Valve-Mate operators for over 50 makes and models of valves, odds are, we have what you need.


Step 4. Tell us how you want the radio functions identified on the transmitter face plate; Lift up/down, rotate C.W./CCW, company name.


Step 5. If your equipment has pilot pressure air available, you're done. If your equipment does not have a pilot pressure air source, we offer a pilot pressure compressor as an option.


Double redundant valving; Each Mobile Control Systems radio remote control has built in double redundant valving making our system the safest possible. As a third layer of safety, the e-stop drops all power to the receiver centering spring centered control valves immediately. If your equipment comes with a solenoid dump valve, this can be connected to the e-stop providing additional redundancy, request this function when ordering,


This system is designed to provide the same proportional range of control you have with the lever on your valve. If you are looking for better proportional control than your valve is capable of, ask us about the other systems we have available.


Mobile Control Systems radio remote control systems are intended to be used for the safety and convenience of the user in various applications. MCS systems are not intended to be used on man lifts of any type or to control loads where people or property can be hurt or damaged should equipment failure occur.